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June 14 2017



My name is Georg
adn wen you cownt
or tally up
the hole amownt
of spyders ayt
by men, do not
cownt those i eet -
i eet a lot.

“average cow liks 3 bred a year” factoid actualy just statistical error. average cow liks 0 bred per year. Bredlik Cow, who lives in an authentic 18th century French bakery & liks over 10,000 bred each night, is an outlier adn should not have been counted.

your url but altered according to these steps:

  • a’s & m’s become 1s
  • e’s become 2s
  • y’s & p’s (except “ph”) become 3s
  • b’s, h’s, ph’s, and r’s become 6s
  • o’s become 8s
  • n’s become 9s
  • d’s become 0xB’s
  • “uck” becomes “ullerene” (do not resubstitute)
  • if you want you can add o- (that’s the letter. not the digit) as a prefix and/or “(-istry)” as a suffix (again, do not resubstitute)

I honestly thought for like a minute that this one screenshot was Palpatine impaling a Klingon.


every time a writer talks about their character being ace, they always say it like “they’re just more interested in this other thing” (i.e. Charlie Weasley is more interested in dragons, Jughead is more interested in food) so reblog this and put what your Ace Thing™ is in the tags


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the best line in the star wars aftermath trilogy written by chuck wendig

and I’m a person!

June 13 2017

“Robot” and “Orphan”


The English word “orphan” comes, via Latin, from the Greek orphanós, which derives from the Proto-Indo-European h₃órbʰos, meaning “orphan”, or “slave, servant”.  It was that second meaning which produced Proto-Slavic *orbъ “slave”, from which was derived the noun *orbota “hard work, slavery”, which produced the Czech robota “forced labor”.  In 1920, the Czech author  Karel Čapek coined the word robot from robota in his sci-fi play Rossum’s Universal Robots, about an industrialist who creates artificial humans as laborers (who eventually rebel against their masters).  It was through that play that the word “robot” entered the English language, although in the original play the robots were organic creatures, rather than the mechanical entities the word is used for today.

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You know you’re a polyglot when your keyboard looks like this 😂

June 11 2017


Anglish is honestly the funniest thing to me

basically it’s just English with all the non-germanic-based words taken out for the sake of “linguistic purity” (yeah I know)

A lot of words in English are Germanic-based but a lot of them aren’t. Anglish uses archaic language or created words to get around those non-germanic words. Some of them can be pretty weird.

For instance:

  • The word “Avocado” has Romance roots so that’s a no-go in Anglish. In Anglish you’d call it a “Butter Pear”.
  • The prefix “inter” is based on Latin and Old French so you’d have to call the “Internet” the “world wide web” or the “twixtnet” instead.
  • The word “Physics” is Greek-rooted so you’d have to call it “Worldken” instead.

Obviously Anglish is a ridiculous idea and I don’t think anyone really treats it seriously. It’s kind of interesting to have word etymology drawn to one’s attention like this, though.

Bonus stale meme: here are the lyrics for We Are Number One “translated” into Anglish.

I mean avocado is originally from “ahuakatl”, a Nahuatl word…

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This chart shows the five gender categories of Mawng words. In Mawng, each word here will have a special part to it, to show its category. pic.twitter.com/E6qKDRh2z1

Australian languages have such interesting gender systems!

i like how wind is of the edible gender (and this is probably the weirdest comment i made)

June 10 2017

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look at these turts

Torts actually

oh!!!!!!! thank u. love these torts

yeah I still probably don’t get Edge of Glory…


them: Hey. Are you even listening to me?

my head: rockin, rockin’, and rollin’. down to the beach, i’m strollin’ but the seagulls poke at my head: not fun! i said “seagulls mmm! stop it now!”  hmm hah hmm hmm hmm hah hmm hmm ha, hmm hmm hmm hm ha hmm hm hm hm hah

June 09 2017

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Big math news! It’s been thirty years since mathematicians last found a convex pentagon that could “tile the plane.” The latest discovery (by Jennifer McLoud-Mann, Casey Mann, and David Von Derau) was published earlier this month. Full story.

This is really fun to watch

June 08 2017

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teacup what the fuck i just woke up why would you put this rIGHT AT THE TOP OF MY DASH



hey so i decided i was going to read through the entire magic item list in the 5e dungeon masters’ guide and post about some of the weirder objects in it but uhhh…….. the literal second entry is a jug that can produce 2 gallons of mayonnaise and i’ve decided that the post would be too long

June 07 2017

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Felines love boxes 😺 😸 😹

If I fits, I sits. If I no fits, I sits anyway. 

I love seeing posts that show how all cats cat.


…my heart (…um) for an AU where it’s Esme Weatherwax and not Hego Damask who takes a certain kid under their ~wing



1: What is your native language?
2: Have you learnt any other languages? If yes, what are they?
3: Have you ever read a book in a foreign language?
4: Did you learn any languages at school? If yes, what were they?
5: What is the prettiest language?
6: What is the ugliest language?
7: Have you ever made up your own language?
8: What languages do your parents speak?
9: If you were granted a wish that allowed you to instantly be able to speak any language, which would it be?
10: Have you ever tried to learn sign language?
11: Have you ever watched a movie with subtitles in a different language, or vice versa?
12: Choose a Scandinavian language you’d like to learn.
13. Choose a Slavic (eastern European) language you’d like to learn.
14. Choose an Asian language you’d like to learn.
15. French, Spanish, Greek - which is the best?
16. German, Dutch, Italian - which is the best?
17. Have you ever been embarrassed by a native speaker of the language you are trying to learn?
18. Name a dead language that you wish to make a come back.
19. What is your native language / homeland famous for?
20. What language is overrated?
21. What language do you think is too intimidating to learn?
22. What language should more people speak?
23. What language uses the prettiest alphabet?
24. What language uses the weirdest alphabet?
25. Try to find some foreign currency in your house. Where is it from?

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