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February 07 2018

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Robot Mind Meld is a game of exploring word map relationships. From the description:

I was designed by Alex Lew, and am powered by Conceptnet Numberbatch, a set of “word embeddings” that allow me to think quantitatively about words and their relationships. Constructed by analyzing millions of documents for patterns, these “numberbatches” now play a role in most programs that process language, from speech recognition to machine translation.

Play it yourself here.

February 06 2018

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28.25 years.

Walls don’t work. They split up families. You can demonize the other side, but the better solution is coming together.



There are three types of people:

  • Extrovert
  • Introvert
  • Javert

Extrovert: gets their energy from time spent with others
Introvert: gets their energy from time spent alone
Javert: gets their energy from THE LAW 



9th November 1989 - 5th February 2018 (10,316 days) - The Berlin Wall has now been down for as long as it stood.

Holy shit

February 05 2018

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crying & laughing & thinking & marveling - a playlist

  • “On the Radio” - Regina Spektor then you take that love you made and stick it into someone else’s heart, pumping someone else’s blood
  • “Days Like These”-Over the Rhine every regret I have I will go set it free/and it’ll be good for me/it’ll be good for me
  • “Carry the Load”- Carole King thinking alone on a Thursday morning/of peace and love and war/i still don’t have any answer
  • “Elvis Presley Blues” - Gillian Welch he was all alone in a long decline/thinkin’ how lucky John Henry was/that he fell down ‘n died
  • “Swans” - Camera Obscura there are flowers in my house/and I bought them myself/no surprises in the record collection/you must’ve thought I was someone else
  • (“Jacksie” - Over the Rhine her hair her face her figure in your window, her hands unlace your innermost…)
  • “Teardrop” - Massive Attack love, love is a verb; love is a doing word, gentle on my breath…
  • “Shake It Off” - Florence + the Machine and I am done with my graceless heart/I’m gonna cut it out and then restart
  • “Never Look Away” - Vienna Teng let me uncover the silver in your dark hair, the weight of your bones
  • (“Beautiful Again” - Martina McBride she smiles 'cause she knows in the end/the world gets beautiful, beautiful again)
  • “12/27/12” - The Decemberists what a terrible world, what a beautiful world/what a world You have made
  • (“Jackie” - This Is Deer Country and the only place I’d want to be is here talking with you talking to me
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I made a thing. Tag yourself, but with Star Trek series.




*eyes shoot open as I’m drifting off to sleep* AU where after the Empire was founded, Coruscant was renamed Palpatinople

#palpatown#palpatinopolis#philapalpia: the planet of palpable love#oh god make this stop


Coruscant is Palpatinople
It was Coruscant, now Palpatinople
The Jedi are gone, Palpatinople:
Here’s how liberty dies
And the Sith Lords rise.

Everyone on Palpatinople
Lived on Coruscant (now Palpatinople)
But if you are rich on Palpatinople
You were rich on Coruscant too.

(Even “Coruscant” was once “Had Abbadon.”
Why George changed it, here’s a clue:
Zahn’s writing in the the Old EU!)

OH, Sheev renamed it “Palpatinople,”
He’s the Senate now; Palpatinople–
How will “Palpatinople” get the boot?
That’s up to the Rebellion and Luuuuke!

*musical Wookiee noises*
It’sEvil (it’sEvil)
*more musical Wookiee noises*

Coruscant is Palpatinople
It was Coruscant, now Palpatinople
The Jedi are gone, Palpatinople:
How will “Palpatinople” get the boot?
That’s up to Han, Leia, and Luuuuke…

…and Rogue One (One-ONE-onnne)

February 04 2018

Georgian and the Kartvelian languages


When I mention I’m learning Georgian, people don’t always know a lot about the language - I get questions such as “Oh, is that related to Russian?” or “Is that like Turkish?” or such questions. Sometimes people will know Georgian is not related to either Russian or Turkish, but then they’ll ask me if it’s related to Armenian, or otherwise if it’s a language isolate. I thought I’d clear up some of some of the confusion, and offer y’all a look into the history of this unique and fascinating language.

Georgian is not Indo-European - it isn’t related either to Russian or Armenian. It’s not a Turkic language either, nor is it a Semitic language. A few people have tried even connecting it with Basque, but there is no linguistic evidence for this. Rather, Georgian is the largest member of the Kartvelian family - a family named after the Georgian word for a Georgian, ქართველი (kartveli). The other languages in the family are: Mingrelian, Laz, and the highly divergent Svan - in the following paragraphs I’ll talk a little bit about these languages.

Mingrelian, known as მარგალური ნინა (margaluri nina) in Mingrelian, or  მეგრული ენა (megruli ena) in Georgian, is spoken by around 500,000 people in the region of Mingrelia, known as სამარგალო (samargalo) in Mingrelian or სამეგრელო (samegrelo) in Georgian, shown here:


It also had speakers in Abkhazia until the war.

Mingrelian has some sounds that Georgian doesn’t have, such as a glottal stop (the sudden break in the middle of the word uh-oh), written with the letter (though in general, these languages are mostly spoken, and seldom written). In addition, it has some grammatical divergences from Georgian, such as the existence of a few more cases and a separate set of conditional screeves on verbs (if you want to learn more about screeves in Georgian, check out my post). 

Laz, known as ლაზული ნენა (lazuri nena) in Laz or ლაზური ენა (lazuri ena) in Georgian, is spoken by around 22,000 people mostly in Turkey:


The language itself is very similar to Mingrelian - in fact, these languages are sometimes considered two dialects of a single language, but in general are considered separate, especially considering the separation between the Mingrelian-speaking and Laz-speaking communities nowadays.

Svan, known as ლუშნუ ნინ (lušnu nin) in Svan and სვანური ენა (svanuri ena) in Georgian, is spoken by 10,000 people in Svaneti, known as შჳა̈ნ (shwän) in Svan or  სვანეთი (svaneti), shown here: 


As a side note, it’s *incredibly beautiful*:


Due to its remote mountainous setting, Svan is highly divergent from the other Kartvelian languages, forming a separate branch of the family: 


Svan has several sounds not present in any of the other Kartvelian languages, such as /f/, /qʰ/, and /w/, some of which were present in Old Georgian - some dialects even have vowels such as /y/ and /ø/ (the ü and ö of German) or /æ/ (the a in “bat”). Grammatically as well, Svan is highly divergent - it for example makes a distinction between inclusive we (we including you) and exclusive we (not including you), a distinction present in Old Georgian but otherwise nowhere else in the Kartvelian family. It also has two sets of preverbs - directional elements preceding verbs analogous to verbal prefixes like deduct, induct, abduct, etc. - where other Kartvelian languages only have one. 

There’s in addition one important dialect I’ve got to mention - Judaeo-Georgian, known as ყივრული ენა (qivruli ena), is the traditional dialect of the Georgian Jews, a community with a history of over 2000 years in Georgia, and has a speaker base of 85,000, now mostly in Israel. In common with other Jewish languages, it has a large base of Hebrew and Aramaic loanwords - in addition, it has a few distinct differences from standard Georgian, such as the presence of a plural object marker -ე (-e) that does not exist in Standard Georgian, or the dropping of final -s with compensatory lengthening of the previous vowel.

Here are a few Proto-Kartvelian roots, and their descendants on modern Kartvelian languages:

PK: *šwidi “seven”
Georgian: švidi
Mingrelian: škviti
Laz: škvit
Svan: išgwid

PK: *stkwen “y’all”
Georgian: tkven
Mingrelian: tkva(n)
Laz: tkvan
Svan: sgäy

PK: *t’q’ub- “twins”
Georgian: t’q’up-
Mingrelian: t’q’up-, t’q’ub-
Laz: t’q’ub-, t’k’ub-
Svan: t’q’wib-







I hate Freud.

His whole weird theory about penis envy and children being sexually attracted to their parents and secret desires and all that shit actually came straight out of an attempt to ally himself with wealthy and influential rapists and was a direct form of victim blaming.

He had started the research looking into “hysteria” which at the time was really usually referring to women’s symptoms of PTSD. It turned out that the reason so many woman had these symptoms is because so many of them had experienced sexual violence– especially CSA and incest at the hands of their fathers. 

At first he was making real progress, and it was through working with these women that he discovered that talk therapy could be used to treat trauma. The symptoms of PTSD were lessened when women were able to safely speak about their experiences out loud and be believed. 

But it wasn’t the women who paid for the therapy. It was their fathers, husbands, the same men who were perpetuating the violence in the first place. And Freud didn’t want to validate his patients (the women) if it meant making his clients (the men) unhappy.

So he came up with a new idea. These symptoms weren’t from trauma. The memories weren’t real. These women were just sexual beings as children and had penis envy and it made them lust for their fathers and fantasize about the rape that they had reported to him. That’s where the shittiest parts of Freud’s theories emerged.

Another part of it besides just the monetary aspect, though, was that there was a feminist movement on the fringes starting up at the time and by publishing work about women’s CSA he would be aligning himself with it and therefore losing support, respect, funding, prestige from his male peers and from the psychological community at large. He literally made that gross victim blaming shit up to keep his own reputation with these fucks and to make sure he still got publication and fame.

By coming up with fake theory about little girls fantasizing about incest he not only fucked over generations of women, the feminist movement that was arising, and the entire psychology field for years to come, but he also completely swept away any progress made in understanding trauma and so we didn’t have any clue why men coming back from war had “hysteria” like women during WWI.

And our research on PTSD and trauma is still lacking to this day, especially because of the stigma that maybe traumatized people deserved it or wanted it or imagined it. People don’t want to believe it’s real. Perpetrators of traumatic violence want everyone to forget about it, not acknowledge it, or trivialize it.

And they have Freud’s cultural legacy to help them.

Can you provide academic citations for this? This is really neat.



If you don’t have access bc paywall, here’s a decent summary on Wikipedia:


Some vague proof:’


An essay on the topic:


If you want some more, just google, “Sigmund Freud Seduction Theory Problematic.” There’s lots of academic and non-academic discussion on the topic, but TLDR Sigmund Freud is basically disregarded in almost all aspects of psychology by anyone who actually cares about their patients, so fuck that guy for holding psychology back.

Words cannot express how much I hate Freud. His theories have been entirely disproven by current psychological research, but using him to interpret literary texts is still a widely accepted technique in the field of literary study today.

English departments across the country will not bat an eye at tenured professors bringing Freud into lectures and citing him in scholarly articles and books. Doing a “Freudian reading” of a literary character or theme is regarded as a valid means of understanding and drawing meaning from works by authors as diverse as William Shakespeare, James Joyce, and C.S. Lewis. And it is based entirely on this guy’s unbelievably sexist, flat-out fraudulent, and thoroughly disproven research. It’s insane.

Just so everyone on my dash is aware that Freud’s theories are pseudoscience.

I too hate Freud and everything he stands for. I just wish people knew why I hate him so much.

February 03 2018




the jedi prince series has:

  • r2-d2 and c-3po getting painted green and going on an undercover mission
  • darth vader’s indestructible right glove that luke chopped off is the star wars universe’s equivalent of excalibur, and whoever holds it becomes the next emperor
  • this is thanks to a prophecy
  • because there’s a group called the “dark prophets” that literally everyone in the empire listens to
  • the empire prefaces everything with “dark”
  • “dark greetings”
  • the rebel alliance builds a fake robo leia who shoots lasers from her eyes
  • jabba’s dad zorba is there, and he has a beard and hair and tastes so bad the sarlacc spit him out
  • one of the main villains is palpatine’s really hot three-eyed son
  • (even c-3po commented on how hot he was)
  • except he’s not actually palpatine’s son
  • palpatine’s real son is another three-eyed dude who’s actually pretty chill
  • they are, creatively, named “trioculus” and “triclops”
  • anyway, fake son 3-eyed guy falls madly in love with Leia and tries to make her queen of the empire
  • but then he gets shot to death at the wedding by robo leia after real leia escapes and leaves robo leia in her place
  • there’s a grand moff who wears incredibly tacky blaster shaped dangly earrings
  • there’s a random underground jedi base on yavin iv where a jedi kid’s been hiding for a decade
  • he’s also palpatine’s grandson
  • (only two eyes though)
  • also han and chewie are really good cooks

and all that’s only some of what goes down

Don’t forget the meeting of the Moffs called the MOFFERENCE

  • they nearly get eaten by giant oysters
  • han solo is only the second best corellian pilot after a dude named snoke
  • “Easy does it,” Han said. “I’m a Corellian, and we Corellians gave up hugging strangers four centuries ago.”
  • i feel it is important to clarify that chewbacca wears an apron while cooking
  • ghost obi-wan appears in a vision to luke to give him his computer password
  • the password is “JE-99-DI-88-FOR-00-CE”
  • han and leia try to elope at space disneyland
  • but jabba’s dad sent bounty hunters to cause trouble because he was mad at how much money lando was making on space disneyland
  • the rebel alliance built a base on dagobah and after yoda croaked they named it MOUNT YODA
  • there’s a planet called chad that is dying from global warming because they have too many space cows who fart too much

AU concept:

But what if Sidious, like that dark matter, had been “discovered” by a pioneering female astronomer?

I’m halfway through The Reptile Room episodes and I have conflicted feelings about the Henchperson of Indeterminate Gender. First and foremost that they have A Look, a good one, but it feels complicated considering the not always great history on that front with the books.

While he relished his secret identity, he wanted at the same time for it to be known that he was a being who could not be trifled with; that he wielded ultimate authority; that merely to gaze on him was tantamount to glimpsing the dark matter that bound and drove the galaxy …

About Darth Sidious (Darth Plagueis book)

But DO YOU KNOW WHAT it consists of, Sheev? WIMPs? MACHOs? MOND?

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tag yourself i’m pg

February 02 2018

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this is seriously my favorite thing in the world

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“…Palpatine went on, unmoved. “But we should not underestimate the cunning of the Separatists. Perhaps the war is merely a part of a greater plan,” he added and his voice sounded odd.“

Omfg Sheev, you’re totally talking about your own master plan. Why are you like this, gosh.

February 01 2018



anyway so i feel like the western obsession with romantic love is symptomatic of the absence of community we experience in our socially isolating society,

it’s the only type of love we’re really “allowed” to have and it’s really sad. i hope everyone realizes at some point that you don’t need to be dating someone to love them, and that you don’t need any romance just to be loved.


You are the dancing queen. Young and sweet, Chancellor Palpatine

I saw him over there by the record machine, I knew he must have been about seventeen

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